Why Online


Experienced Doctors

We have a team of Doctors who are specialize in all aspects of fertility management including Reproductive Medicine, Male Infertility, Andrology and Embryology.

All our Doctors have the requisite training and certification in their respective areas of expertise and will try to assist you in the best possible manner.

Complete information about treating Doctor, experience, area of expertise will enable patients to gain confidence in the treatment being advised.

All the doctors on the panel are well conversant with electronic media and therefore will be providing online consultation for infertility directly unlike other sites where certain agencies handle communication.

Online consultation for infertility can be provided in the form of tele consultation, E Mails, Skype or any other form convenient for both doctor and couples seeking advice.

Access from Anywhere and Anytime

Easily accessible from the comfort of your living/working environment

Correspond as and when you want – Online infertility consultation is time efficient for everybody…. especially those who are working

Absolute Confidentiality & Transparency

Consultation in Infertility Treatment often involve issues that are very personal in nature, it is easier for patients to respond to such questions in writing than to talk face to face about them. One of the main advantages of online infertility consultation is that patients who are reluctant to approach the Doctor for such a personal problem, often find it easier to consult online.

Uniform and transparent standard operating procedures related to all aspects of infertility treatment will be followed.

Charges of procedures/drugs/investigations related to infertility treatment will be displayed with no hidden charges.

 No Commute

Online Infertility Consultation saves the commute, which saves both time and money

No Waiting

Complete elimination of frustration because of waiting time and waste of time

Complete information about services available along with visuals of the facility areas to enable the patient to be more comfortable when he/she actually arrives.

Digital Records & Information

Digital record keeping of investigations and infertility treatment – easier to manage and relate to.

Evidence related to treatment/investigations can be provided in the form of e brochures, information leaflets, case reports, and studies Videos and procedure related information of infertility treatment and investigations available to make patients aware of what is happening.

Complete information about fertility services available along with visuals of the facility areas to enable the patient to be more comfortable when he/she actually arrives.

Latest developments in the field of infertility can be accessed from this site Links to various online pharmacy stores enabling drugs to be delivered at place of choice and at discounted rates Links to pathology laboratories for home collection of blood samples.